The aim of the lessons is to help you develop your own unique voice with a safe and effective technique, While I believe that learning ‘good’ technique will help you to strengthen your instrument, I will always encourage you to develop your own personal style. 

Both singers and speakers have found these lessons invaluable in making their voice heard – the way they want it to be heard.

How often:

Consistency is key to achieving your vocal development goals – which may be nailing those auditions, wowing competition judges, impressing producers and/or connecting with your audience on a deeper level.  I mostly offer packages as this structure is much more effective in keeping up the momenturn and moving forward than one off ad hoc lessons. The packages are tailored to suit your individual needs but in general we will cover:

  • Vocal Technique – acquiring the tools to gain more control over how your voice sounds and feels
  • Outer game – looking after yourself from the outside
  • Inner game – looking after yourself from the inside
  • Creating the story – connecting with yourself and your audience
  • Exploring repertoire – discover the music that helps you put your best voice forward

How much:

Hourly rate or package to suit you – I offer a free consultation where we can discuss.


I am currently teaching mostly online but happy to discuss in-person sessions. You can book lessons here 

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Discovery Session: 

To set up a free 30 minute telephone consultation to discover how I may be able to help you achieve your vocal goals, please

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