Phil Ryan, musician
Phil Ryan, musician

” In my life I have sung around the world. Thousands of concerts. I’ve performed to crowds of 100,000. I know my job. But then I took a break from music and went off to write novels. Then in 2013 I realised it was time to get back onstage. But my voice was shot, and it needed a lot of help so I found the one teacher that could help. Simply put Carol Jack gave me my voice back. Don’t believe me? Go listen to what I do and how I do it. The word magical doesn’t do what she does justice. You want to sing well. Call her.”


Phil Ryan, musician

I had the pleasure of meeting Carol recently whilst sitting in on a singing lesson for one of our artists on our artist development programmes.

I found Carol to be extremely knowledgeable regarding singing techniques and even though our artist has a great voice Carol was able to show us a path to much more confidence and the ability to control your voice so that you are always in control of any situation.

We are looking forward to working with Carol more into the future and I know she will be a great asset to our Charity The Beat Project and the artists we develop.

Steve Carley – CEO, The Beat Project

Karolina Kula, actress and singer

I found Carol while searching the Internet for a singing teacher and was a bit unsure of what to expect at the beginning. After all she wasn’t recommended to me by anyone, I have just blind booked a class. Turned out to be a very good decision. Now year or two later I still feel the benefits of those classes and the knowledge that stayed with me helps me massively every single time I perform. 

Carol not only is a lovely person to be around and to work with but she also has a real knowledge of singing and voice training that transformed my technique and level of confidence completely.

My big concern was, as it is for many singers, singing high notes without straining. Carol taught me how to do it which massively improved things for me. I can sing songs which I used to struggle with. My general knowledge of how to use the voice when singing, how to arrange songs and take care of vocal folds is much improved as well. 

I would definitely recommend Carol to anyone who struggles with their technique or just wants to continuously improve whatever level they are at with their singing skills.

“Although I have been singing in various choirs since I was 9 years old, I’ve never had any formal coaching. So I started looking for a professional voice trainer to help me increase flexibility, strengthen my voice and gain better control when moving into the bridge area. I read about the speech-level-singing-technique and chose Carol, since she is a qualified SLST trainer.

It’s been 7 months since we met and I am not looking back! Carol has a great personality and I am also more in control of this great voice! I enjoy every session at the studio and I’m hearing much more confidence and power come through in my solo’s each week. The system makes my singing richer!

I certainly recommend that you give Carol a try if you are looking for a great voice coach”

Adesola O

Adesola O

I went to Carol as a beginner looking to learn to sing for fun and to be able perform Karaoke. Lessons with Carol have been extremely fun and she has improved my voice not just in singing but in various other areas on my life such as work presentations and communication in general. learning how to improve your tone is an essential life skill – 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken.



Carol is one of the most wonderful teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She is patient, knowledgeable and genuinely committed to her students and their success. I had so much fun during our classes and learned a ton about my voice and singing. I would recommend Carol anytime!

Sonia Q

Coming out of a 20 year marriage I realised I had gradually lost my confidence and my voice.

Wondering if vocal training might help me regain both, I chose Carol because of the friendly smile on her website, and the way she described her background, experience and approach.

Right from the start, Carol made me feel at ease  – calm and amazingly knowledgeable, she also has extraordinary intuition so she knows when and how much to challenge me which I love. 

After just a few sessions, friends, family and colleagues were commenting on how much more confident and assertive I sounded when I spoke. I noticed it myself and this helped me go from strength to strength. I can categorically say that Carol helped me find myself again. For that I’m incredibly grateful.

Two years on…. work has taken me to the other side of the world but here was no question that I’d keep up our sessions by Skype. Why? Because, not only is Carol an gifted teacher, so I’m still growing and learning, we also always have wonderful fun every time. 

I can’t recommend Carol highly enough. Go see her! 

Megan B 

I contacted Carol to become the Choirmaster for the Kensal Review Choir when the choir first launched.

We met for a coffee and discussed what the needs of the choir would be: to decide on songs, to separate them into different vocals and to then teach a very newly founded choir how to sing them.

Nothing phased her, she always did beautiful renditions of the songs with a little Carol flavour and we did various gigs too. She was able to hear and correct various segments of the choir at the same time which always blew my mind as I could barely hold my own note.

We miss her and will always remember her time at the Choir very fondly. Go Carol!

A C, choir founder


Carol’s class is a great way to meet new people and improve on your singing methods. She manages to keep the classes fun whilst also giving great feedback and tips to carry over until the next lesson.

 It’s a safe and supportive space and you leave feeling uplifted every time. Even though I was extremely nervous singing in front of other people, I feel like my confidence grew over time.

 I would recommend the group class for anyone who loves to sing and enjoys the bonding experience that comes with it.

Sophia B