These terms and conditions apply to vocal lessons bought by you and supplied by Carol Jack

The lessons will take place at Soho Radio or other location agreed between you and Carol Jack

These are the terms on which we sell vocal lessons to you, and by booking vocal lessons with Carol Jack you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Carol Jack’s obligations

To provide vocal lessons to you (or to the person you have purchased them for) on the agreed date, at the agreed time and to the best of her ability

Your obligations

To pay for vocal lessons in advance, attend the lessons on the agreed date, at the agreed time, and to participate in the lesson to the best of your ability (or procure the student to do so).


Any lesson cancelled by you within 48 hours of the agreed date will be payable in full regardless of circumstances

If Carol Jack cancels a lesson within 48 hours of the agreed date, and the lesson has already been paid for, Carol Jack will reschedule the lesson to an alternative agreed date and either refund you the fee or supply one more lesson no cost to you.

Late Attendance

If you arrive at a lesson after the agreed time, Carol Jack will not be able to provide any refund

If Carol Jack arrives at a lesson after the agreed time, she will make all reasonable attempts to make up for lost time

Termination of a lesson

Carol Jack reserves the right to end a lesson if the student appears too ill to continue.