Groundhog Day

In the film Groundhog Day, the main character played by Bill Murray, wakes up every morning to the same scenario. At first he takes the opportunity to behave badly as there appear to be no consequences for his actions. Then he gets smart – he realises he can learn from the situation and change the outcome. So with the girl he likes, he learns more and more about her tastes and what she likes in a man, and adapts himself to suit – with amazing results.

Do you have a situation in your life which has been ongoing, and you want to change it but it seems impossible? Do you keep waking up to a scenario that you want to let go of?  

If nothing seems to be changing in spite of all your efforts consider this quote: if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. It’s a harsh truth that I had to learn – I had a tendency to keep going round in circles in my own mind about problems, and obviously not moving forward. When I learned to listen to other people’s suggestions – really listen- and actually try them out then things started to change.  I say ‘started’ – old habits die hard 😊 and I still sometimes mull over things for way too long before seeking advice. But hey – no one is perfect, so it’s also important not to beat yourself up. But that’s another article I think!

It would be great to hear of situations which had you going round in circles and how you broke out of them. Comment below!

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