I Hate Exercise!

I’m not a sports fan but I do take notice when events like the Olympics and Paralympics come around, as I love to hear stories of how the athletes got to that point. Gymnast Amy Tinkler prepared for, and did very well in, her GCSE exams while working her way to a bronze medal in Rio. Runner Mo Farah cried after winning one race, as he recalled the weeks of being away from his family during the lead up to the games. I am truly impressed by their discipline, and their ability to keep the vision alive under trying circumstances.

Many successful people swear that their exercise routine feeds into their daily work, and helps them to maintain their stamina when the going gets tough.  The CEOs of Virgin, Apple, Disney and many others start their day with a workout (they all seem to get up at about 4am as well, but that’s another blog!) Business coach Shanda Sumpter runs a business course which includes training for long distance races, as she strongly believes that endurance training gives you the grit you need for success in the business world.

I believe this can also have great implications for singers. It is generally agreed that as your vocal cords reside in your body, whatever you do with your body will affect your voice. Apart from gaining mental benefits from exercise, you are building up physical strength, muscle control and improving your breathing – all of which help with singing.

So although I don’t plan to put myself forward for the Tokyo Olympics, I have re-started my yoga workouts, and I’ve put them in my calendar to keep myself on track. 

Do you have an exercise routine, and do you think it makes a difference to how successful a person is in the rest of their life?  Comments below!

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